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Amazon: Ecargo bike launch in Wembley
Use Cases

We are changing mobility. Today.

Our eCargobikes are as individual as your company and an all-rounder for almost any purpose. A reliable solution for modern mobility. Driving fun included.


UPS delivers packages in Munich with Mubea Cargobikes

In Munich, UPS, the parcel service company, uses our electric cargo bikes every day to deliver packages in the city center.

Cargo und UPS München
Digital X

A Festival of Digital Possibilities – Realized with Mubea E-Cargobikes

On September 20th and 21st, Cologne was under the sign of Digital X, which explored new pathways towards sustainable and people-centric digital coexistence in urban spaces.  As the official Cargobike logistics partner, we provided the event organizer with a large fleet of E-Cargobikes with various configurations, ensuring a quiet and emissions-free setup and supply for the event.

Cargo und Digital X

Amazon expands delivery with e-bikes in Manchester and London

What a great story! We're excited to be part of Amazon's electric delivery fleet and help reduce emissions, relieve inner-city traffic and improve air quality.

Amazon: Ecargo bike launch

In the city, for the city - our Cargobike as a battery-powered transporter

For some years now, it has been impossible to imagine cities without them - e-scooters. The electrically powered scooters can be found on every street corner in major cities. But how are the scooters' heavy batteries actually replaced?

VOI_Mubea U Mobility_Cargobike_Nürnberg

Mubea U-Mobility cargobikes on the road for Hermes in Wiesbaden city center

The delivery company Hermes tested our cargobikes for several weeks to distribute parcels in the city center of Wiesbaden.

Hermes Wiesbaden_Mubea U-Mobility Cargobike

Our Mubea U-Mobility cargobike is on the road for EnergyBus across Germany

EnergyBus advocates for a standardized charging infrastructure for pedelecs, among other things, and takes our cargobike to various events for demonstration purposes.

Mubea U-Mobility_EnergyBus_Blog.jpg
City of Bergisch Gladbach

Our Mubea U-Mobility Cargos in Bergisch Gladbach!

The city of Bergisch Gladbach has expanded its fleet with two of our Mubea U-Mobility Cargos at the end of 2022.

Mubea U-Mobility Cargos in Bergisch Gladbach