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Cargo vor Mubea Headquarter

The new generation of eCargobikes

We have completely re-engineered our Cargo family, adding an uphill booster and ergonomic seating position, a new low-wear powertrain, and an extra-durable and safe battery: There is no comfortable, safer, robust and eco-friendly way to deliver goods in your city. Ride into the future with us!


Protection against theft and rolling away, thanks to a quick-lock function and an electronic parking brake.


Relaxed and back-friendly riding, plus easy get on and off.


Easy pedaling in everyday use, thanks to a high-performance powertrain.


Spacious box body for up to 250 kg payload.

The new Cargo

Bike at heart, built like a car

A bike that can really take a beating! Thanks to its commercial vehicle DNA, functional design and premium components, our electric cargo range sets new standards in terms of robustness, functionality, ergonomics, payload and driving safety. German quality craftsmanship for your daily deliveries in the city.

Cargo PACK Sideview technology

Lightweight polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating for rain-proof vision with lotus effect.

Electronic Parking brake

Parking with just a quick flick – so you stay safe whatever the incline.


Ergonomic, upright riding position with height and angle adjustable saddle for best visibility.


See and be seen! High-quality light and indicator system with integrated brake light on the rear lights and hazard warning light.

Battery system

Removable battery system with two battery slots with a maximum capacity of 2.88 kWh (with 2 batteries).


Powerful, serial powertrain with high-performance motor and boost gear, with a gradeability (under full load) of up to 18 %, including reverse gear and convenient pushing aid.


Hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels for optimum braking performance on dry and wet surfaces.

Quick & secure

The parking brake for safe parking

In daily delivery traffic, safe parking is almost as important as safe driving. That’s why we have equipped our Cargo fleet with a double parking-safety mechanism: an RFID system with quick-lock function and an electronic parking brake. With just a quick flick, there is no danger of rolling away, even without switching off the engine. This is smart parking and, thanks to theft protection, relaxed parcel delivery.

Technologie Parkbremse
Robust & low maintenance

The new Cargo rolls on and on and on

A fully re-engineered drive unit is at the heart of the new Cargo. And what a strong heart it is! The serial powertrain with a powerful engine has no chain and includes less wear-prone components that need servicing. Besides, a more robust and recyclable battery combines performance and greater durability. The overall result: less wear and tear, reduced service costs, better performance. And to this add a chassis that makes use of our deep automotive know-how, transferring it to our eCargobikes.

Technologie Antrieb
Powerful & high-performing

Boosting you uphill: the new eCargobike

Our Cargo family has become even more powerful: With a gradeability of up to 18% it is an excellent climber, taking ramps in any conventional parking garage in a stride – fully loaded! And with its additional uphill booster, you won’t even break a sweat. What’s more, its optimized start-up behavior thanks to an improved torque will make pulling away in any situation smooth and swift.

Technologie Steigung Boost
Simple & energy-saving

The fine art of safe maneuvering

A big one, too, when it comes to safety: Like any commercial vehicle, our Cargo sounds an alarm when backing up or being pushed backwards. Both a warning light and an acoustic signal advise other road users of the maneuvering, and the reversing light improves rear view under diffuse lighting conditions – and in any other regard. And in maneuvering mode, pedaling forward and backward allows you to easily pull into a parking spot super-fast.

Technologie Rangier Rover
Dynamic, ergonomic & agile

Ergonomics meets driving pleasure

Easy to get on and off, an upright and back-friendly seating position, and simple and safe handling – in addition to state-of-the-art technology, our cargo also offers maximum driving comfort. Thoughtful ergonomics, effortless riding and a low-noise drive unit contribute to sustained good health and provide for more fun at the workplace in the long run.

Technologie Fahrwerk
Innovative & energy-saving

Pedaling backwards makes you go forward

Regenerative brakes are a proven technology which we have given a small, but significant new twist, by combining backpedaling and recuperation. With its smart engine control, our new Cargo will start recuperating energy and initiate smooth braking whenever you start pedaling backwards. Or in practical terms – reduced wear and tear on the hydraulic brake and increased range for you and your Cargo.

Technologie Rekuperation