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Cargo PACK im Stadtpark
Cargo PACK Intro
Cargo PACK Intro
Cargo PACK Intro
Cargo PACK Intro
The transporter. Cleverly designed down to the last detail.

Cargo PACK

The Cargo PACK is a space marvel. You’ll no longer be clogging up streets, and double-parking your delivery van will be a thing of the past. Whether you want to deliver parcels, letters, groceries or spare parts - the Cargo PACK means you can transport your goods while exuding a modern urban spirit

Technical data

Spacious. Resilient. Robust.

Max. electrically assisted speed
up to 25 km/h*
Gross vehicle weight
585 kg
Box interior volume (in litres)
up to 1,900 l
Box payload
up to 200 kg
Muhr & Bender KG
Vehicle category
Electric motor
Mubea Chainless Powertrain Pro 1
Continuous rated power
250 W*
two-speed transmission with manual boost gear
Gradeability under full load
up to 18 % with boost gear
Max. electrically assisted speed
up to 25 km/h*
Electric reverse manoeuvring aid
yes, up to 4 km/h
Electric starting aid (pushing aid)
yes, up to 4 km/h
Gross vehicle weight
585 kg
External dimensions, vehicle (L x W x H)
2,770 mm*** x 995 mm** x 1,990 mm***
1,746 mm
Rear body
Truck bed, box 1.6 m³ (L x W x H)
1,300 mm x 800 mm x 1,495 mm (pallet dimensions)
Truck bed, box 1.9 m³ (L x W x H)
1,500 mm x 800 mm x 1,495 mm (pallet dimensions)
Box interior volume (in litres)
Choice of 1,600 l / 1,900 l
Box payload
up to 200 kg
Turning circle
< 6,750 mm
AES Super Pack with 1,44 kWh
Rechargeable battery slots
Replaceable battery system with up to 2 slots (lockable)
230 V / 4 A
Rechargeable battery capacity (per battery)
up to 25 km
3.5 inch
Double wishbone axles at front and rear with spring suspension strut and stabiliser bars
Wheels and Tyres
16″ performance wheels with motorbike tyres (80/80-16″) and integrated reflector package
Braking system
hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels
Parking brake
yes, electric parking brake
Weather protection
Driver’s cab or half screen (optional)
Coating, front screen
yes, with lotus effect
Wing mirrors
Rear lights
2x with integrated brake light
Reflector package
Indicators / Hazard lights
Height- and tilt-adjustable saddle
Box lock
Side box door (L x H)
yes, optionally left or right (650 mm x 1,000 mm)
Licence required
Testing & Certification
Battery: IEC 62485-3, UNT 38.3 and IEC 62133-2; Brakes: ISO 4210-2; Components: ISW 4210-10, DIN 79010, DIN EN-17860; Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC test; Motor Power/Speed: E-15194

In spite of the technical data being subjected to extensive checks, we cannot rule out errors and we assume no liability for the content. All dimensions are approximate.

* Subject to national legislation. The European Union has a max. continuous rated power limit of 250 W. Continuous rated power represents a system’s maximum effective output generated by the motors over a period of 30 minutes without the temperature rising above a specified value. The maximum – temporary – peak output of pedelecs may exceed this. The use of cycle paths is permitted in most EU countries. The national laws as amended apply.

** Not incl. mirror

*** Vehicle length at box 1.9 m3 = 2,970 mm. Vehicle height incl. optional weather protection.

Cargo PACK: The space marvel

The mini transporter among the cargo bikes

Next generation parcel delivery. The Cargo PACK is a mini transporter that will see you through the very last mile, saving a lot of time and stress - but above all, it means you can make a valuable contribution to a cleaner environment.

Image shows optional equipment

Use cases

Tailor-made transport solution: electric cargo bike for discerning premium customers

Cargo PACK Intro
Cargo PACK mit Dimitri

A very robust vehicle, simply different somehow. It drives fantastically, and looks great, too.

Cargo PACK

Configure your own eCargobike

Why not design your own Cargo PACK now in just a few easy steps?