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Cargo WORK Intro
Cargo WORK Intro
Cargo WORK Intro
Cargo WORK Intro
From professionals for professionals. Your equipment safely stowed.

Cargo WORK

Progress means movement – for us and many other sectors, too. With the WORK body, we have developed a platform that offers functional options as a solution for efficient work processes within local authorities, clubs and associations, landscape maintenance, parks, building complexes and much more.

Technical data

Sustainable. Flexible. Functional.

Max. electrically assisted speed
up to 25 km/h*
Turning circle
< 6,750 mm
Gross vehicle weight
585 kg
Weather protection
Driver’s cab
Muhr & Bender KG
Vehicle category
Electric motor
Mubea Chainless Powertrain Pro 1
Continuous rated power
250 W*
7-speed automatic transmission
Gradeability under full load
up to 18 % with boost gear
Max. electrically assisted speed
up to 25 km/h*
Electric reverse manoeuvring aid
yes, up to 4 km/h
Electric starting aid (pushing aid)
yes, up to 4 km/h
Gross vehicle weight
585 kg
External dimensions, vehicle (L x W x H)
2,770 mm x 995 mm** x 1,990 mm***
1,746 mm
Rear body
Truck bed, WORK (L × W)
1,270 mm x 907 mm (not incl. equipment box, width between wheel houses = 804 mm)
Height, end wall / left and right side walls
300 mm / 960 mm
Dimensions, opening, rear loading space
830 mm x 1,490 mm
Dimensions, equipment box (L × W × H)
300 mm x 907 mm x 340 mm
Rear payload
up to 200 kg
Turning circle
< 6,750 mm
AES Super Pack with 1,44 kWh
Rechargeable battery slots
Replaceable battery system with up to 2 slots (lockable)
230 V / 4 A
Range with 1 rechargeable battery
up to 25 km
3.5 inch
Double wishbone axles at front and rear with spring suspension strut and stabiliser bars
Wheels and Tyres
16″ performance wheels with motorbike tyres (80/80-16″) and integrated reflector package
Braking system
hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels
Parking brake
yes, electric parking brake
Weather protection
Driver’s cab
Coating, front screen
yes, with lotus effect
Wing mirrors
Rear lights
2x with integrated brake light
Reflector package
Height- and tilt-adjustable saddle
Lockable equipment box
yes, with folding lid (lockable)
Removable aluminum side walls
yes, left and right
Foldable rear wall
yes, folds back
Special body equipment
Assembly set: 4 device holders, 1 Greifboy holder, 2 lashing eyes on fixed aluminum front wall
Licence required
Testing & Certification
Battery: IEC 62485-3, UNT 38.3 and IEC 62133-2; Brakes: ISO 4210-2; Components: ISW 4210-10, DIN 79010, DIN EN-17860; Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC test; Motor Power/Speed: E-15194

In spite of the technical data being subjected to extensive checks, we cannot rule out errors and we assume no liability for the content. All dimensions are approximate.

* Subject to national legislation. The European Union has a max. continuous rated power limit of 250 W. Continuous rated power represents a system’s maximum effective output generated by the motors over a period of 30 minutes without the temperature rising above a specified value. The maximum – temporary – peak output of pedelecs may exceed this. The use of cycle paths is permitted in most EU countries. The national laws as amended apply.

** Not incl. mirror

*** Vehicle height incl. optional weather protection and without tool holders

Cargo WORK: The workhorse

Get the best organization and the smartest gear for your devices and work tools

Discover the revolutionary solution to your transportation needs - the Cargo WORK e-cargo bike. With its intelligent equipment, tedious searching is a thing of the past. Every device and tool has its own safe place, perfectly stored and always at hand. Optimize your efficiency and increase your productivity with an e-cargo bike that not only transports, but also organizes.

Image shows optional equipment

Use cases

Flexible and effective: the versatile e-cargo bike for different customer needs

Park Aerial von oben
Cargo WORK Dave

A high-quality vehicle with an intelligent storage system. Just perfect for professional green space maintenance services.

Cargo WORK

Configure your own eCargobike

Why not design your own Cargo WORK now in just a few easy steps?